Trust, Expertise, Character

Our values reflect a commitment to doing things the right way. Always.

Bruin represents a new paradigm, and what sets us apart is its differentiated approach to helping management teams build long-term growth companies. The sports industry is transforming, and our specialized industry knowledge, experience, and relationships that can be difference-making. We offer a unique blend of capabilities to help entrepreneurs and owners quickly capitalize on the disruptive forces reshaping the landscape. Our operating principles and structure are proven to accelerate growth against a backdrop of evolution.

The Bruin team has decades of experience turning potential into substantial value, each with a distinguished track record for partnering with A-players to ignite growth. They share a passion for working with talented executives and entrepreneurs to unleash their full capabilities.

Our capital partners are a world-class collection of private equity and family investors that have committed over $1B plus their deep resources and global networks in support of Bruin and its companies.

Through acquisitions and investment, new partnerships and ventures plus operational support, Bruin’s portfolio now boasts a set of high-performing global technology, live event, marketing, and brand strategy enterprises. This work has demonstrated a commitment to investors and proven that its formula and capabilities are difference-making to management teams in pursuit of growth across a variety of economic cycles and geographic markets.

And we are just getting started.


We aspire to be the difference in helping talented leaders transform potential into significant, lasting, and measurable value and returns for our investors, partners, and owners.



Bruin is merit-based, fast-moving, entrepreneurial, aggressive, bold, and without limitations. Everything we do reflects who we are as people, and we do it in a way that we can always be proud.


We pride ourselves in seeing value others do not, and the courage to invest in that.  We also have the confidence to make the tough decisions.


Entrepreneurs believe in the relentless pursuit of a bold vision. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and we want to help entrepreneurs unleash their creative energies that can ultimately change an industry.


We hold ourselves and our companies to the highest standards of ethics, reliability, and conviction. We follow-through on what we say we will do.


Industries are led by being bold, aggressive and unapologetic. This is how we conduct ourselves and ask the same of our companies.


We approach everything with sincerity, humility, and passion. We respect everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or background. Everyone should be treated with respect, care, and operate in an environment of empowerment.


In this era of transformation, speed to action is crucial. We act fast, are decisive, and confident in our decisions. Every one of the companies looks dramatically different than when we first started with them.


Trust is the bedrock of Bruin Capital. Decades of business leadership are behind our unparalleled global network, which we open to all of our partners.

The Bruin Journey