Built For Now

The Industry is Changing. We Believe in Change and Embrace the Opportunities It Creates.

Innovation and new technologies are driving sports and entertainment into unchartered, yet exciting waters. This has manifest in the dramatic rise in the power and influence of consumers who now have unprecedented options to engage with sports entertainment. Today, fans are interacting with their passions and pastimes in more ways and through more touchpoints, screens, and events than ever.

Now, the industry is working harder and is more aggressive than ever to maximize the value of those engagements. It has blown the doors wide open to new, unconventional approaches.

Bruin is unconventional. We approach things differently than the investor/operator who relies on financial engineering for short term time horizons to manufacture growth.

Instead, our mission is to be a value-adding partner that brings a unique combination of resources, skills, and expertise. Our value-proposition of long-term capital, industry expertise, operational experience, global resources, and a genuinely collaborative approach was designed to be the rocket fuel for growth in this era of transformation and innovation.


Our portfolio companies and partners have full access to our range of resources, including:

Sourcing Global Investment Opportunities

Developing a Comprehensive Strategic Analysis

Creating Operational Best Practices

Bringing Strategic Relationships with Corporate Entities

Arranging and Structuring Complex Financial Strategies

Identifying Emerging Market Trends

Recruiting World Class Talent and Performance Management

Sourcing and Assessing M&A Opportunities

Utilizing Deep Global Market Intelligence

Global Relationships

Assessing specific needs for a company